Join us June 7th at the Normandale Partnership Center for MinneAnalytics Big Data Tech Conference. The one day event features dozens of leaders in the field, from around the region and around the country. Vendors will display bleeding-edge versions of their products with onsite tutorials. And, most importantly, you’ll be able to learn from your peers in the Twin Cities about the tools they find valuable and what they’re planning for the future.  To learn more and register, visit here

We believe people are our most precious asset and that there is more to life than just work. We’re looking for greater meaning and we want to work with clients who are too. We’ve grown multiple companies and understand your unique challenges. We have a vested interest in helping your business grow and evolve.

If this resonates with you, we’d love to talk.  Send us an email, we want to hear your story.

Although I run a growth stage company, I’ll admit I’m a startup junkie. I look at all new opportunities, inside or outside our organization, regardless if it’s for profit or social impact, the same way I would a new startup. That’s what keeps me engaged in the bigger mission of the work I do. Grow & Co. is one of those things, but ironically, focused on serving up curated content (eventually original content) that is meaningful to CEO’s of growing companies. Welcome to our latest startup and thanks for letting us be part of your growth path. In parallel with this, we have launched our first growth stage CEO peer advisory group here in Minneapolis, with aspirations to add additional cities. Reach out to me on LinkedIn, I would love to connect and learn more about your journey.

Josh Berger | Bright Hat

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People analytics, talent analytics, HR analytics. No matter what you call it, organizations are now able to seize the power of their data to make workplace decisions. Join us March 24th at the University of St. Thomas Minneapolis campus as we explore how Data Science can tell us who is the best hire, who is about to leave or steal from us, and how we can best align our human capital to our business goals.

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One of the most challenging tasks any sales or marketing professional deals with is creating campaigns that resonate with prospects, driving greater sales. Analyzing customer data from a contextual standpoint by quickly adding in new data sets, modifying searches, queries, and identifying new patterns in prospect data is the catalyst that drives new business.  Read more here.

Velocity is one of the defining characteristics of Big Data, and there are few situations in which speed is more imperative than motorsports. From NASCAR to Formula One and grassroots karting, teams and race organizers are employing ever more sophisticated data-driven strategies to shave split-seconds off lap times and provide a more thrilling spectacle for audiences.

Big Data Innovation San Jose brings 800+ data professionals under one roof for two days of inspiring, educating & insightful presentations, panel sessions, interactive discussions and networking. Across a total of seven stages Big Data Innovation is the summit to be at no matter where you are at in your Big Data journey.  We look forward to seeing you there!  Learn more at: